Welcome to my site! My name is Victor van Dijk. I have studied Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University, specialized in Latin-America, and Brazil in particular. Due to enriching, but mostly unpleasant experiences in this region: the lack of suitable anthropological jobs: my introduction to Tibetan Buddhism; I decided to take the right into my own hands and make a creative hobby out of my subject.

This site shows part of the information of the research I did on making a TV-documentary on Tibet & Ladakh. Due to me coming up with a highly original idea, resulting in envy, avarice and non-cooperation on the side of people and institutions we needed to make it really work, the project came to an end, after a year and a half of hard labour.

Be warned, don't come up with any new idea in The Netherlands!

Click, here to get more out of this page, by downloading the Ü-chen font. Unzip the file by a program like WinZip. Then, go to Start--> Settings --> Control Panel, and double-click on Fonts. In the File Menu, click on Install New Font. Choose the het Ü-chen font. From now on, you can read the Tibetan texts at this and other pages!

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